Thursday, 18 July 2013

freelance work

So at the moment I'm in between series on TAWOG and should be starting again on season 3 later this year. I've been lucky to pick up a bit of freelance FX work and a couple of the ad's are now online so I can share them here.

Various 2D FX in these two adverts: speed lines, impact dusts, coffee steam, explosions, water splashes and a crazy alien electric mouth ray! enjoy!


  1. Awesome man!
    (wow that 2nd one has a long title! O.O NTSF:suv s: bla bla :D)

    Looking forward to your spaceship project too! n.n

    1. yea i know right! was hard writing the save files for that one! ship project is coming along at a slow pace! haha hopefully an update is coming soon. :)