Tuesday, 29 January 2013


Me and Gill adopted Oscar in the new year. He is an adorable cat and at 13 he is very chilled out and loves a good nap. I expect he will be quite a regular post on here.

Monday, 28 January 2013

sketchbook collection!

This is a big selection of various sketches from the last few months:
Life drawing session - people were acting out a story of a bird and a tree, was an interesting session, shame there weren't more dynamic poses!

Various people watching 

some hand studies from a tutorial

old zoo sketches

here's some sketches from a couple of different zoo outings a few months back. just noticed they're sitting haha not very dynamic!

2013 2D FX Reel

Hey everyone, So a new year is upon us and im now able to show some of the work from the second season of The Amazing world of Gumball! I worked as the Lead 2D FX designer/animator and worked on a lot of cool FX through out the series. Im able to show stuff from the episodes that have been aired so heres my new reel.
enjoy! M