Friday, 22 March 2013

Bitey FX Course

Way over a year ago I signed up to the 2D FX course on Its a great course and is really useful for hints and tips regarding animating SFX in a traditional 2D manner. :) Which of course is just how I like them :D So if your interested in taking some cool FX lessons head on over to

So although I've incorporated some skills learnt from the lessons in previous work, im now starting to work on some of the exercises on there own.

So this is some work from the first 6 lessons, lightning, match flame, incense smoke, ripples and flag/cape wave. I did miss the gravity out...whoops. I guess it effects all animation though.

Big thanks to my lovely girl Gill for her cool character design for the cape wave anim. There should be some more collaborative stuff from us coming soon :)
Hope you enjoy :)


  1. solid timing and execution on your fx! LOVE IT!

    1. cheers Chris, that's great feedback coming from an FX master of your calibre!